Monday, September 14, 2020

百点満点の顔!100% face!!!




















Hi, this is Kate! (This is Audrey translating the blog!)

How are you guys doing today?

I'm doing great as usual!

So today, I will show you guys this!!!

She has this face. (・ー・)

Chrisper: OHHHH!!! I know what she's saying here! "Please stop the camera now. please! PLEASE!!!!!!!" or..."Hello, my name is TURTLE!!!!!!!" One of those for sure! Anyways, she has a very unique face!

Oh, yeah! She looks exactly like a turtle!!!!

Mofurin: What are you guys doing? You shouldn't call somebody's face a TURTLE!!! That's not nice! Are you listening, Chrisper!?

Chrisper: EH!? You're blaming it just on me!?!?!? I'm just saying what I don't need to get that mad!!!!!!!

Mofurin: Huh. Well that must mean that your heart is very COLD. I am charming!!!!!!!

Chrisper: OHHHH!!! OK!! You're making me mad now!! HAHAHAHA!!!! Thank you so much, Mofurin! Thank you for making me super mad at you! Thank you for watching this video!!! (?)

Mofurin: ...Anyways! NannaP (NenneP) looks super funny here. I'm not surprised by her face at all. I mean...I don't want to hurt her feelings, you know? So I'm not gonna say anything! I am such a kind person!!! You can't say anything, can you Chrisper????

Chrisper: Well, NenneP's faces are pretty cool!!!!!!

NenneP: REALLY....????

Chrisper: YUP!!! You have a...100% face!!! (?)


That's it for today then!


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