Saturday, June 6, 2020

ケイトです!新キャラ『トーテム』を紹介します!This is Kate! I made a new character, "Totem"!!!!


トーテム‹初めまして・・・わたしの・・・名前は・・《トーテムって言うんだよね!!!いやいや!!!はいじめまして、トーテムたん!!!!(‘Tw T`)》
トーテム‹初めまして・・・(💧➖ ➖ノ)›《そんな緊張しないで!!安心して、わたしの名前はクリスパー!!!わたしはT W T(TNTということ、)を、投げて、人の家を爆発させることが好きな!!!ダイナミック❣️リス!!だ!!!(`ーwー)》トーテム‹・・・よろしくお願いします(?➖ ➖﹅)›
〈2人とも、新しい、友達ができたって?まじで❣️!!え!誰々???え!!!トーテムって言う子なの?いやー初めまして!!わたしの名前はミンさん!!!よろしくね!!トーテムちゃん!!〉トーテム‹よろしくお願いします(💧‘➖ ➖)›

Hi, this is Kate! (This is Audrey translating the blog!)
How are you guys doing today?
I'm doing great as usual!!!!!!!!!
So today I will show you guys this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I drew this with an app that is on my iPad!!!!
I don't know the name of the app...but yeah, you draw with pixels...??? (Basically, tiny squares.)
It's super cool, and it makes it fun to draw stuff on your iPad!
So I drew my original character with that app...
And I think it looks pretty good!!!!!!
Chrisper: WOW!!!!!! Man, Kate!!!! You can make anything, can't you...? You're amazing!
But I just had I used that free time to make it...
It's not that cool...
Chrisper: Uh...yes, it is cool!!?!?!??!? This character's name is Totem, right???? Man she's so cute!
Totem: name is...
Chrisper: Totem, right!??!!? I'm so happy to see you!
Totem: Uh...yeah...
Chrisper: Oh, don't be so nervous! It's all good! My name is Chrisper! I love TWT (which is actually TNT in Kate-sensei's world) I like to throw TWT at people's houses...because it's a lot of fun to explode stuff, you know what I mean???? Oh, and I'm a squirrel!!!!!!!
Totem: Uh...nice to meet you..?
Min-san: Ohhhh!! There is a new person here!!!!! Who is this!??!? Oh, your name is Totem!!!! Well, nice to meet you, Totem! My name is Min-san! Let's be friends!
Totem: Uh-huh...
Mofurin: Hi, guys...wait what...? Who is this...!?!?
Totem: ...
Chrisper: Well, anyways you guys be friends, ok????
Totem & Mofurin: OK.
Well, that's it for today then!

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