Monday, June 8, 2020

ケイトです!アンダーテールのPルートをクリアしました!This is Kate! I cleared the pacifist route in Undertale!


Hi, this is Kate! (This is Audrey translating the blog!)
How are you guys doing today?
I'm doing great as usual!
So today...I don't have a photo to show you guys, but I will talk about some stuff!
I cleared the pacifist route in Undertale!
I will make sure that there aren't any spoilers in this blog...but one thing I have to that...
This pacifist ending was so cool!!!!!!!!!!
The story was just amazing, so I would really recommend this game to you guys too!
Chrisper: Really??? You played the whole game 2 times??????
Well, yeah...I mean it took a while, but it was a lot of fun!!!!!!!!!!!
Totem: What part do you like about Undertale, Kate-san???
Mofurin: HEY!!! I'm here too!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, I love the style of the art...and the story is just so good!!!!!!!!!!!
When you play it, you will understand. It's an amazing game.
Ifu-san: Well, of course! Games are always fun to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't see what you're trying to say there,'re not explaining it that well. But I don't play any games, so I don't care at all!!!! WELL THEN!! BYE!!!!!!!!
Chrisper: Hey! Don't say that!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ifu-san: OK, SORRY. I'm so happy that you could clear the pacifist route of Undertale, Kate-san!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually really like Undertale...So I am really happy for you. Please, if you want to talk about Undertale, I would be happy to listen to you! I love it and...
Chrisper: Well, anyways it's super hot lately, isn't it!??!?!?! It's still June guys! Why is it so hot!?!?!?! And it's not raining at all!!! AHHHH!!!!!! I'm mad at the sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, that's it for today then!

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