Wednesday, April 6, 2016

やっとこの日が来た〜!!!!!!!Here we go!!

Thought I uplodaded this yesterday but I hadn’t.


Hi, everyone! It’s sunny here. I played badminton outside under the blue sky. It was so fun but now I am really tired….

 ⬇  ⬇  ⬇すっごく疲れた(笑)

でも、その疲れた心がいきなり晴れました!だって、今日は、ハウステンボスに行く日だから!あ〜たのしみ!!>。<早く行きたい!昼ご飯を食べ終わったら、おじいちゃん、おじちゃん、ケイト先生、お母さん、わたしでハウステンボス行きの電車に乗ります!チョーウルトラスーパー楽しみぃ〜!!!  ⬇  ⬇  ⬇今日は珍しくわたしがおかしい(笑)

I am energized why? because today, we will go to Huis Ten Bois. I am so looking forward to it. After lunch, grandpa, uncle Nate, Kate, mon and I will get on the train to GOOO!!! SOOO EXCITED!!!
Today, I am the crazy one, not Kate?!


Too excited. I hope you have a great spring break too! ???? Oh, from tomorrow, Kate will be in 2nd grade. Do your best Kate Sensei!!!!!