Saturday, March 26, 2016

昨日の出来事 -About yesterday.

まず最初に演奏をしました。 全部で5曲弾きました。
歌は、、、おっと! これは見てからのお楽しみがいいですよね!
最後に全員でコーヒーを飲んだり、少しお話をしました。 とにかく忙しい一日だったなぁ〜!!
また、取材に来てほしいです。 ちなみに放送日は、何と、、、今日です! 今日の、午後10時、TBSの7days newsキャスターで、私たちがでまぁ〜す! ぜひぜひ、、、いやいや、、、 見れる人は絶対に見てくださ〜い!!

Hello everyone.
I am going to write about yesterday.
There was a interview around 1pm yesterday. A TV crew from TBS came to our house.
Out of no where, they asked if they could come the day before.
It surprised us but it had been a while since last time, so I was kind of happy.
First, we played Rocksmith. We played 5 songs.
Songs, I don’t know which ones they will use, so I won’t write yet.
Kate Sensei was shouting and dancing.
They interviewed us too, so I was a little nervous.
At the end, everyone had coffee and talked. It was a super busy day.
I hope there will be another interview/tv thing sometime in the future.
When will it air?

It’s today! Tonight at 10pm on TBS Japan.
I don’t understand how this was done in a few days!

Please, if you can watch!!