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Audrey & Kate - FUKAII HANASHI aired on October 12th in English「深イイ話」訳

I can't find a footage online but here is a brief translation of the show that was on October 12th, 9PM in Japan which featured Audrey & Kate.


Super sisters

Two awesome sisters who have over 4 million views.

This is the video (War Ensemble starts)

On the game that players play real guitar, Audrey, 11 years old  shows off her crazy skills.

6 years old sister, Kate SCREAMS next to her.

Comment: What is this??!

N: In 4 years or so, they have uploaded over 1000 videos, making people around the world love what they do.

C: Wow.
C: That's so cool.

N: They were on a show before.
C: They were on something?

From old show:
So, the older sister was practicing by herself?

Audrey: Huh? Hmm.

Audrey: When I was 3rd or 4th grade, I had a bf.
Crowd: WOW.
Host: Was he good looking?
Audrey: Not really.
Kate: I can do a fish face.
Crowd: Laugh

Narrator: Seems like she has quite an ability to talk and be funny.

Comment: CUTE!! KAWAII

Narrator: Even an artist Yoshitomo Nara loves them. "Kate is great at expressing herself."

Crowd: That is crazy cool!

Narrator: They were even asked to play in SF on an event at Ubisoft.

Kate: YO YO YO yo yoooo.

Crowd: Laugh.

Narrator: They live in Nagasaki, Kyushu area.

Comment: They seem so happy.

Narrator: Mom is an American. The dad is Japanese. The sisters are half.

Audrey: Why are you popping your toes?

Dad: Oh, sorry.

Narrator: At home, they mix Japanese (Nagasaki Dialect) and English.
They play heavy metal in a Japanese room.

Here is the first coverage on TV of the two sisters  gaining fame all over the world.

Narrator: They live in Isahaya, Nagasaki with lots of green and nature.

When we visited at 6am.

Comment: So early.

Mom: Good morning!

comment: oh, that must be their mom.

Narrator: Audrey prepping to play guitar so early in the morning.
We heard Kate started playing bass too.

comment: wow. AWESOME!

Narrator: 6:30 AM, their concert starts!

crowd: Laugh

Narrator: They use a game called Rocksmith that the dad bought as a hobby.
Audrey played for four years and she has gotten so GOOD at playing.

To upload on youtube they use two smartphones to record. They do this every morning.

crowd: That's amazing.

Narrator : Every morning?!!

dad:  All right!  Good job!

Narrator: After 2 songs, it is time to eat breakfast.

Kate: Sister, sister!! BURP.

Narrator: Kate is a hyper funny girl.

Kate: (doing some skit that was popular a few years ago)

Narrator: In Tokyo, this skit is a bit old but in her mind, it is still trending.

On the other hand, the older Audrey is not only great at guitar but also calligraphy as well.

*Shows a bunch of proverbs and sayings that have deep meaning.


Narrator: Her choices are very unique and meaningful.

commentator: Very groovy.

Narrator: Also, she is pretty great at drawing too.
"A dude whose fart stinks" It looks like him.

Well, "the dad whose fart stinks" runs an English school.

Despite his interesting character, he went to the States young and graduated from a university in the US, so he is fluent in English.

He met Heather in college via chat on the internet.

Cameraman: Did you know that when you were chatting that you were chatting with a Japanese guy?

Heather: No, he was lying.

Heather: He told me his name was Jake Smith.


Narrator: Am… He definitely looks Japanese, not Jake Smith.


Narrator: They got married after a year while they were still students.

After graduating they moved to Nagasaki.

And the sisters were born.

Lately, they are into….

catching bugs! Play that kids used to enjoy in the old days.

Kate: (Screaming to the bugs.)


Narrator: They don't have TV at home. Sometimes they wish they had a TV.

Audrey: I don't know much about gossip stuff, so sometimes I can't keep up with the talk my friends have.

Narrator: There's another thing that Audrey is concerned about.
Kate keeps interrupting her studies. When she is reading aloud…

Audrey and Kate interact.

Narrator: Sometimes, it leads to fights.

Cameraman: Do you have someone you like?

Audrey: You mean like love?

Cameraman: yea

Audrey: Of course.

Narrator: Audrey is pretty forward. She used to have a BF.

Audrey: When I was 3rd or 4th grade. He was pretty popular. Oh, I kissed him.

crowd: huh????

Narrator: Kids nowadays are very forward.
Kate, seems to have somebody she likes.

comment: Really!?

Kate: I like THIS!!! He looks cool.

Narrator: Who? You may ask. It is the assistant director from the show with long hair and facial hair.

Audrey: She likes people with facial hair.

Assistant director: Why?

Kate: Looks cool!!

Assistant: When there's facial hair?
Facial hair fetish? Fetish?

Audrey: What is that???!

Assistant: It's like some people who like really muscular guys.

Narrator: What is he talking about to kids?!?!?!


Narrator: It is Saturday. we followed them.
They went to the aquarium with penguins. Awesome Nagasaki! You can see penguins walking close by.
First time for Kate to see them! She couldn't hold her excitement!!

Kate: Hey, PENGUINS!!!

Narrator: She loves penguins!!

She got worried when she saw a penguin cleaning himself.

Kate: Hey, don't scratch too much you are going to bleed.

Stop, stop stop!

Narrator: She was able to look at so many different fish, they had lots of fun.


Narrator: However, that night, they had some trouble when she was playing with clay.

Kate: This doesn't look like Doraemon at all!!

Narrator: It didn't turn out the way she wanted. She started crying.

Kate: This is terrible.


Narrator: So the dad decided to make one for her.

Dad: Kate, how about this?!

Narrator: Here is his version of Doraemon and some other creature.

Audrey: Man, that looks so gross.

Narrator: Mom destroying that made Kate really happy. 

Narrator: Everyday, they play and every day they upload. They don't do that just because they want everybody to watch.

There was an important reason for uploading videos.

Why do they upload every day?!??!

The reason is:


I see.

Dad: Grandfather lives pretty far away in America. I wanted him to be able to watch how they are doing.

Narrator: Grandfather, 70  lives in the US. He wanted grandfather to watch how they were growing up. 

In the beginning, she couldn't play guitar that well.

But day after day, she kept playing.

She learned naturally and has gotten better and better. Now, her video is recognised all over the world.

They always have the same way of signing off their videos.

Bye! Bye! Bye!

It's a message to grandpa that they are all doing well.

To show they are doing well, here's some Bon Jovi in the Japanese room!

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