Monday, September 28, 2015

We got a DRUM Set!! ドラムセットゲット!!

We got a new drum set!!!
It is for both of us but I think it is more for Kate!
We have never played drums before but we are excited to learn!

Thanks so much for your support!!!

新しいドラムセットをゲットしました。 わたしとケイト用ですがケイトの方が似合ってるかも! 初めてのドラムですが、少しずつ練習していきたいです。
Drum Set Unboxing and checking it out

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Audrey & Kate Mom's Birthday. オードリー&ケイトのママの誕生日


IT was mom's birthday. We helped her lots that day and also wrote a card/letter. Kate's letter was pretty funny.

おたんじょうびおめれとでう(おめでとう。)Happy Birthday!
大スキまま I love you mom.
いつもやさしくしだだもおもしろくて You are always kind. Dad is funny
おらな(おなら)をしてもおもしろいよ even when he farts
でもくさい but it stinks.

Our Crazy SUMMER! クレイジーな夏!Google Chromecast ad + UBISOFT SF live stream

7月 JULY 2015

今回は撮影の前にKnock Out MonkeyさんのBiteという曲を練習しました。はじめてロックスミスなしで曲を弾いてみたけど、撮影までにはプレイできるようになって、ロックスミスなしでも楽しかったです。

Our summer last year was crazy but this year 2015 was crazier. We first had to fly to Tokyo to record GOOGLE Chromecast ad.
For Kate and I, it was our first time to have some makeup on.
Also, I learned a song without Rocksmith for the first time. It took some time but was happy that I was ready when it was time to film!
When filming, people were so nice!!! This is the ad!

8月 August 2015

In July, we flew to America. It had been a long time since last time. It had been over  3 years since I last saw grandpa. It was so nice to see him.
On our way home, we visited San Francisco. We did a live stream at Ubisoft Studio SF! I played four songs and Kate screamed like always. I was so happy to meet all the people who made Rocksmith!
After the stream, on our way out, people at Ubisoft started clapping for us which made us feel so special. Thanks so much!!