Friday, July 10, 2015

とてもとても久しぶりの更新となってしまいました。It has been a long long time!

Hello! I think it has been a long time since last update.
A lot has happened since then.
The other day, I went to Tokyo and I think everyone will find out why soon ;-D

In terms of Rocksmith, I have been playing everyday. Kate started to play bass with me, so I am really really happy!!!

I hope we keep playing together and one day be on stage!!



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  1. Yay for Kate picking up the bass, the bass rules, as a guitarist I used to think all the power was there but then I started on the bass, with the drums it is very powerful. But Kate should definitely pursue the singing for you guys, she is and will be amazing! Ok well I saw the War Ensemble video a while ago and now every once in a while I just have to watch it, Audrey you are great but Kate is so amazing too. And as much as your guitar player is off the charts your laugh and smile is the bestest ever. thanx keep it up I love to see more....Jason