Thursday, April 30, 2015

Translation and Audrey & Kates' Reaction to the TV Show

Script if you just want to read...

23:00 (Yukina) Two of the guests are, one of my daughter’s favorite YouTubers, sisters Audrey (11) and Kate (6). They have a Japanese dad and an American mom. They are just kids but their technique is amazing! Take a look!
23:28 (Yukina) It’s a game that plugs a real guitar to a TV. Watch her fingers! She is amazing!
23:37 (Yukina) And you can’t forget Kate’s scream. Crazy and cute! I wanted to see them live, so we invited them.

24:24 (Yukina) Come on in It’s Audrey and Kate
24:45 (Yukina) First we have Audrey and Kate. I’m always watching them with my kid. Here they are. 
24:53 (Yukina) Thanks so much for coming! I always wanted to see them play. 
You are always checking their channel?
24:57 (Yukina) Yes, we are. My kid watches them too.
25:01  (Goto) So, it’s a game?
25:02 (Yukina) Not a regular game. You use a REAL GUITAR! Right?
25:07(Audrey) Yes
25:08 (Yukina) Her technique is great! More you watch, more impressed you’ll be. 
25:12 In addition, Kate here, keeps screaming, shaking her head.
25:23 She’s no joking around. So, Kate is the very part of music.
25:26 (Goto) I see! I see!
25:27  (Yukina) In addition, the room they are in is pure Japanese with Tatami and Shoji.
25:32  (Goto) Ah, that makes it very different/unique?
25:36 So, Kate. Does it make you pumped up watching your sister play guitar ?
25:39  (Kate) HUH?????
25:44 (Audrey) It’s not like we tell her to do that. She just kind of starts doing her own thing.
25:48  (Goto) She just kinda started doing stuff on her own??
25:50 So were you practicing by yourself?
25:54 (Audrey) Ah…. What?
25:55  (Kate) Ba hahahahhaha
25:56  (Shelly) Funny kids!

Introduces Marimo Kosugi (comedian in Japan)
Introduces Sato (comedian in Japan)
Sato does his skit (he is known for not being very funny - that is his thing)
27:40  (Goto) Oh, Kate is laughing. Hey, what do you think about this guy? Is he funny?
27:42  (Sato) WOOOOW
27:43 (Kate) Pft 

27:50 Topic #1 - Comparing coolest love events of your life
Audrey - Received 2 rings
Marimo - Never had a boyfriend (23 years)
Sato - Missed work to be with a girlfriend

28:01 (Goto) You got 2 rings???
28:04 (Goto) What’s that about?
28:06 (Shelly) You are so young!!
28:07 (Goto) Yea, isn’t it too early??
28:11 (Audrey) When I was 3rd or 4th grade, I had a boyfriend. 
28:17 (Shelly) In 3rd or 4th grade??
28:19 (Tokui) What does that mean? Like to go on a date?
28:21 (Audrey) No, we never went out. Like writing letters to each other, etc. 
28:26 (Goto) Ah, I see.
28:27 (Yukina) So cute!
28:29 (Goto) And who asked who out?
28:31 (Audrey) Me
28:33 (Goto) Oh, Audrey, you are pretty forward.
28:36 (Goto) Was he good-looking?
28:38 (Audrey) Ah, just normal.
28:39 (Kate) Hey, I can pretend like I’m a fish!!!!
28:42 (Goto) HUH??!?!!  What is that about??!?!

EVERYONE Starts laughing because of Kate’s abrupt interruption, bragging about her unique skills.

28:57 (Tokui) OMG
28:58 (Shelly) This kid is a genius.
29:03 (Goto) Kate, wa what was that?
29:06 (Kate) My fish-face is like this…. 
29:20 (Goto) I think that was the most abrupt, surprising thing that happened to me.
29:24 (Goto) I’ve been a TV host for a while but that was something else.

29:27 REPLAY

29:38 (Goto) Entering a conversation like that was the funniest.

29:43 (Goto) OK, about the letter. What did you write?
29:46 (Audrey) Nooo...
29:50 (Kate) Stop being so shy!

Because Marimo looks so pretty, people think she had plastic surgery.
29:58 (Goto) Marimo insists she hasn’t done plastic surgery on her face.
30:00 (Kate) I think she had it done.

30:07 (Tokui) Now in these letters, do you say, I like you or something like that?
30:12 (Kate) I have noooo idea about those kind of things. 
30:17 (Goto) Kate you didn’t write it, right? 
30:19 (Goto) Did you write something like I like you?
30:21 (Audrey) Not just like you but I really really really really really like you!
30:22 CUTE!
30:23 (Goto) WOW. I see. So that is the guy that gave you a ring?
30:30 (Audrey) Yes.
30:31 (Goto) Happy?? Receiving the ring?
30:32 (Audrey) It was so surprising. I stood there with my mouth open.
30:38 (Kate) Yea, like this. (Kate with her mouth open wide.) 

30:53 (Goto) So, Marimo, you’ve never had a boyfriend?
(They talk about her character of not really liking people.)
31:18 (Goto) Not even a kiss?
(They ask Marimo if she ever had a felling of love at first sight.)
31:47 (Goto) What do you think about that as an 11 year old, Audrey?
31:52 (Audrey) Even I have kissed someone.
31:56 (Everyone) WHAAT?????
32:02 (Goto) Your dad and mom are here.
32:04 (Goto) Is that ok!??!?!?
32:11 (Goto) They look surprised! **This was the 1st time the dad found out…. Mom knew…
32:13 (Yukina) At a loss for words!?
32:15 (Goto) It must have been a cute kiss on the cheek, a greeting kind of thing.
32:19 (Kate) I love hamsters and ferrets.
32:24 (Goto) HUH??? What are you saying!!!
32:35 (Goto) She is talking about her favorite animals.
32:33 (Kate) They’re so cute.

34:35 *Sato starts his skit*
34:48 (Kate) ……
34:50 (Goto) Hey, Kate. What did you think of that?
34:53 (Kate) He is just a normal human.
35:01 (Goto) Like a dude that’s not doing anything?? Just a guy wearing some clothes, standing there.

36:12 TOPIC 2 What is the thing that you are so worried about now?
Audrey - school field trip
Marimo - Plastic surgery doubts
Sato - Mean girlfriend

*Marimo insists she hasn’t hard plastic surgery on her face.
Yukina thinks she has.
37:20 (Yukina) She has done it!!
37:24 (Goto) You had it done, right?
37:24 (Marimo) No.
37:28 (Goto) Are you sure?
37:31 (Goto) Let’s ask Kate about it.
37:32 (Goto) She keeps saying she hasn’t done it.
37:34 (Kate) I think she has done it!!
37:42 (Goto) Kate said so, so I think that’s true.

37:52 (Audrey) From spring, Kate will be in 1st grade. We have a field trip to welcome them. I am a bit worried that she will be paired up with some gross boy.
38:05 (Goto) I see. What is a gross boy to you? Or let’s say what kind of guy do you not like?
38:09 (Audrey) A guy that is always causing trouble and those who aren’t very kind.
38:15 (Goto) Hey, Kate. Do you like boys who always cause trouble?
38:20 (Kate) I don’t like them. Like so-and-so in my class at school.
38:21 (Audrey) Hey, don’t say that. 
38:27 (Goto) Did she just say one of the boy’s name in her class?

38:37 TOPIC 3 I am the best there is at this!
Audrey - Rocksmith
Marimo - Collects Rocks
Sato - Luck

38:48 Audrey and Kate Rocksmith!!!
38:51 (Goto) This is a game?
38:52 (Audrey) Yes.
38:53 (Yukina) On some Heavy Metal Magazine/site, I saw them listed in the top 10.
39:01 (Goto) Did you know that Audrey?
39:03 (Audrey) No.
39:04 (Goto) You didn’t know??
39:06 (Yukina) You were on it. So awesome!!
39:09 (Yukina) Yea, all these heavy metal adults and in there you guys are listed.
39:17 (Goto) Wow. So, their in there amongst other rock musician?
39:20 (Goto) So, I guess they are going to let us see the game!

39:27 (Announcer) Here they are performing!

How do you do this?
Kate scream

40:37 Look at her right hand?!
40:46 WOW!!
40:50 Amazing!!
41:00 (Yukina) I am so happy to be able to see them live!!
41:02 (Goto) What did you think of your sister’s performance?
41:04 (Kate) She was so COOL!!

41:14 TOPIC 3 Actually, I……
Marimo - see Chaplin
Sato - haven’t stopped smoking.
Audrey - really like Tokui (the comedian.)

41:22 (Goto) You like Tokui?
41:24 (Goto) Hey, Audrey. You like Tokui?
41:29 (Goto) You are turning red! You like Tokui??
41:35 (Goto) What do you like about him??
41:37 (Audrey) He’s cool.
41:38 (Goto) What else?
41:40 (Audrey) He’s funny!
41:44 (Goto) Cool and funny? That’s like the best compliment for guys!
41:53 (Tokui) Oh, I’m still single.
41:54 (Tokui) If I asked you out, would you?
41:55 (Audrey) Yea.
41:57 *Kate makes a chicken sound. We think she was bored of the topic.
42:00 (Tokui) Kate, this is a really important moment right now.
42:07 (Tokui) Wanna go out?

42:11 (Tokui) I’ll take you to the beach or something and those paparazzi can take our photo?!


  1. This is AMAZING! Thank you so much for the hard work required to make this happen!

  2. Thanks so much for the comment!!! It took a bit of time but it was fun ;-D