Tuesday, April 28, 2015

今夜11:59PM放送!「今夜くらべてみました」We will be on TV tonight.

ロックスミスは発売されてずっとやってきて今日も朝プレイしてから学校へいきました。毎週水曜日にUBISOFT SFさんからDLCが届くのでいつも楽しみです。今週のはすごく難しいということで、楽しみです。




The show will be on at 11:59PM tonight in Japan! It's so late but there's no school tomorrow, so I hope to watch!!! Kate might be asleep but I am really excited!
I've been playing Rocksmith since it was released. It has been so much fun! This morning I played, right before going to school.
Every Wednesday, I get a new DLC from Ubisoft SF. This week's DLC, I heard is really tough, so I am looking forward to it.

Anyway, this was my first time to be on TV in Japan. It was also my first time to play guitar outside of my room and talk on TV too.  Was a bit nervous but because of Kate, I had so much fun.
For some reason, Kate didn't seem nervous at all. She was talking a lot. I was so surprised.

Playing guitar was so fun and I am so happy that I was able to perform with Kate. I think I got over 98% on the song, so that made me happy. Plus, Kate danced and screamed as usual, so it made me feel so happy!!!

I also had a chance to meet some celebrities here which was awesome!

I hope to keep playing and having lots of fun!! Thanks so much for your support!

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