Wednesday, October 1, 2014

ロックスミスでB'z ギリギリchop 93% ゴールドピック!! Got a Gold Pick on Giri Giri Chop - B'z on Rocksmith!!

I finally got a Gold Pick on Giri Giri Chop B'z!! When I first tried this song, I had no clue to how you can pass the solo section without getting Xs.

All I did was to play lots of songs in Rocksmith everyday.  And this time, I tried this song and I got a Gold Pick.
I suppose I was lucky ;-D
All I can say is that it is so FUN and I hope to keep playing/learning many many songs!!!!



  1. Hi Audrey! Thank you for sharing your guitar playing and your fun times with sister Kate! I think it would be really cool if you could do a Q & A video some time just to let the world know some of your thoughts about guitar playing.

    I would ask you a few questions;

    1. Who are your favorite famous guitar players?

    2. What is the most fun thing about playing guitar?

    3. Do you ever listen to music or watch videos of guitar players for inspiration?

    Take care and good luck!

    Oh, have you ever tried this song?

  2. Thanks so much for the comment. I am sorry it took a while to reply!
    I hope to make a Q and A video sometime with your questions! Thanks and have a great day!! Take care,