Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thank you so much UBISOFT and EPIPHONE! UbisoftさんEpiphoneさん本当にありがとうございました!

I had the most amazing day. I came home and a HUGE box was waiting for me!!
I just couldn't believe my eyes and didn't know what to do with myself. 
I got a super NICE guitar from Epiphone and so MUCH stuff from Ubisoft SF.

Here are the things I got!!!!!!!!  Thank you so much once again, Ubisoft and Epiphone!!!!!!!!

-24 fret Epiphone guitar (Prophecy Les Paul Custom Plus EX) from Epiphone  
-Orange Micro Terror amp head
-Orange PPC108 cabinet
-Marshall Headphones FX
-Packs of ERNIE Ball Strings
-Epiphone T-shirt
-Rocksmith Developement Team Shirt
-SIGNED Development Team Shirt
-Rocksmith Stickers
-Rocksmith guitar picks


Epiphoneさんからすごいギターを頂き、Ubisoft さんからも沢山いろいろなものを頂きました。


-24フレットの Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul Custom Plus EX
-ERNIE Ballの弦5個
-Rocksmith Development Teamのシャツ
-サイン入りRocksmith Development Teamのシャツ

Saturday, September 6, 2014

夏休み終わって、新学期!Summer vacation is over! -- BACHSMITH DLC was so FUN!!

School started! I get homework everyday, so it is a bit busy but I have been keeping up with my guitar and bass (for now.)
In August, I played lots of songs but I loved Bachsmith DLC with all the classical music.
I first got 100% on Bach- Little Fugue in G Minor in Learn A Song mode. It was my very first try, so it made me really really happy!

But there was something even better!!! VS Them vocalist and the person who arranged Rondo Alla Turca, Matt Montgomery wrote a comment on my video! That made me SUPER HAPPY!! I couldn't believe it!

I hope to keep playing!!!

ROCKSMITHのDLCBachsmithの曲を全部弾いてみて、バッハのLittle Fugue in G minorは練習モード一回目で100%取れて、とっても嬉しかったです。
ただもっと嬉しかったのがモーツアルトの、RONDO ALLA TURCAを演奏したら、VS THEMのボーカルで、曲をアレンジしたマットさんから直接メッセージが入ったことです。