Friday, May 2, 2014

Rocksmith2014 EVERYDAY 毎日ロックスミス2014 今回も一杯チャレンジしました。


It has been a while since last update. School started and I have been a little busy. Anyway, I have been playing Rocksmith everyday!!
Next month, I will hit a whole year playing Rocksmith EVERYDAY. I haven't missed a day without Rocksmith, so I am a bit happy!
I am still struggling with bends and picking up and down but every week new DLC is comes out and there're so many songs I still want to play well, so Rocksmith has been a super fun hobby for me.
I hope to continue playing lots of songs!
Last week, I couldn't participate in the weekly challenges. I didn't have the DLC songs.
Since I switched to Mac/PC version of Rocksmith, I bought some DLCs but now I am out of funds.
I hope someday, I can get all of them...

I played lots of songs since last update! EVERYDAY!!! Here are some...

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