Sunday, May 25, 2014

Rocksmith Player Spotlight!!!! YAY!!!! Rocksmith Player Spotlightに載った〜。

It was a special day for me.
I was chosen as Rocksmith Player Spotlight on Rocksmith official facebook page!

ロックスミス公式facebookページにRocksmith Player Spotlightとして写真が載りました。

Also, on Twitter, Rocksmith sent me some great comments and it made me even happier. 
Thanks so much!!!


I hope to play lots of songs!!!!!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Rocksmith2014 EVERYDAY 毎日ロックスミス2014 今回も一杯チャレンジしました。


It has been a while since last update. School started and I have been a little busy. Anyway, I have been playing Rocksmith everyday!!
Next month, I will hit a whole year playing Rocksmith EVERYDAY. I haven't missed a day without Rocksmith, so I am a bit happy!
I am still struggling with bends and picking up and down but every week new DLC is comes out and there're so many songs I still want to play well, so Rocksmith has been a super fun hobby for me.
I hope to continue playing lots of songs!
Last week, I couldn't participate in the weekly challenges. I didn't have the DLC songs.
Since I switched to Mac/PC version of Rocksmith, I bought some DLCs but now I am out of funds.
I hope someday, I can get all of them...

I played lots of songs since last update! EVERYDAY!!! Here are some...