Wednesday, March 5, 2014

ROCKSMITH Guitar & Bass February was a FUN month!! 2月も楽しかったです。

February was a great month!
I got ROCKSMITH 2014 (pc/mac) from UBISOFT SF! It made me so happy.
Rocksmith Championship ended. I was able to proceed two steps and ended up 5th. If there is another tournament again, I want to go further.
Above all, the highlight was getting FIRST on GUITAR in Division 1 in ROCKSMITH weekly Challenge. It was my first time!
I started with Division 3, slowly made it to Divison 1. This time, I had 100% accuracy and the highest score too. It was a happy day!!!
I hope to play and learn lots in March too!

一番嬉しかったのは、ほぼ毎週参加してるROCKSMITH Challengeでは、初めてDivision 1のギターで一番になれたことです。

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