Monday, February 24, 2014

ROCKSMITH2014- This week's challenge. Was 4th on both! 今週のチャレンジ曲ーどっちも4位

This week's challenge song was Knights Of Cyndonia by MUSE.
The middle part is quite hard but I finally was able to get most of them right.
I also used Mac/PC version for the first time to record. It was SUPER FUN!!!

今週のチャレンジ曲はミューズのKnights of Cyndoniaでした。ソロの部分が難しかったですが、なんとか大体弾けるようになりました。

For bass, it was Walk This Way by Aerosmith.
I played it a while back. I thought I would be able to get 100% but it was too hard for me.
Maybe next time ;-D

ベースではエアロスミスのWALK THIS WAYでした。

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