Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rocksmith Challenge Week 10.. 1st on bass ;-D また一番とれた。

今週のチャレンジ曲、ベースはB'zの松本さんのGo Furtherでした。

This week's challenge song was Go Further by Tak Matsumoto.
Last week, I got 1st, so I choose this song.
I had 97% from a while back and wanted to challenge myself.
The best was 99.62%. I almost had it. It was really close....
It was enough for me to get number one again, so I am happy!

ギターのチャレンジ曲はYou Really Got Me The KINKSでした。とっても楽しい曲でしたが、バーコードばかりでちょっと難しかったです。96%まではなんとか行きましたが、中々難しかったです。

The guitar challenge was You Really Got Me by The Kinks! I love the song but the barre chords were so difficult for me! I got up to 96.6%. It was quite hard.

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