Tuesday, January 28, 2014



ロックスミスチャンピオンシップ2回戦はWar Ensemble - Slayer の曲でした。はじめてプレイしたときは、%も75%くらいでしたが、Riff Repeaterを毎日やってなんとか97%まで行きました。今回は、タッピングも初めてで、わからなかったので、スライドして他の部分で間違えないようにしました。


The second round on Rocksmith Championship was War Ensemble by Slayer. When I first played, I got somewhere around 75%... Felt impossible but I practiced with riff repeater everyday. I ended up with 97%. I had no idea how to do tapping, so I did the Ninja slide and took extra care not to mess up on other parts.

As a result,

I barely passed. I am now in quarter finals, TOP 8!
I can't believe it but I am really really happy!!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

ROCKSMITH CHAMPIONSHIP Starts! ロックスミスチャンピオンシップ

ROCKSMITH Championship started! I made the qualifier round okay with the song Wires by Red Fang.

ロックスミスチャンピオンシップが始まりました。Red FangのWiresを弾いてなんとかトップ32に入れました。


1st round was The Trooper by Iron Maiden. It has super hard solos and difficult bends and slides. I couldn't clear score attack for the longest time but I practiced. Finally, I was able to clear and ended up with 97%.
It was enough to go to the next round. It is going to be tough....

第一回戦はアイアンメイデンのThe Trooperでした。ソロがとっても難しくスコアアタックでクリアずっと出来ませんでしたが、練習してなんとかクリアできるようになり、97%まで上げる事ができて、なんとか一回戦突破です。

Second round is War Ensemble by Slayer. I tried the bass arrangement for fun. Super fast song and hard to keep up. Sounded like there're lots of solo parts so I am a little scared.
But I will try my hardest! I hope to go on to the next round...

2回戦は、Slayer の War Ensembleです。ベースを試しにしましたが、スピードが早く、ちょっと難しかったです。ギターもすごいソロがあるみたいだし、ちょっと怖い。。。

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rocksmith Challenge Week 10.. 1st on bass ;-D また一番とれた。

今週のチャレンジ曲、ベースはB'zの松本さんのGo Furtherでした。

This week's challenge song was Go Further by Tak Matsumoto.
Last week, I got 1st, so I choose this song.
I had 97% from a while back and wanted to challenge myself.
The best was 99.62%. I almost had it. It was really close....
It was enough for me to get number one again, so I am happy!

ギターのチャレンジ曲はYou Really Got Me The KINKSでした。とっても楽しい曲でしたが、バーコードばかりでちょっと難しかったです。96%まではなんとか行きましたが、中々難しかったです。

The guitar challenge was You Really Got Me by The Kinks! I love the song but the barre chords were so difficult for me! I got up to 96.6%. It was quite hard.