Tuesday, December 2, 2014


It is December 2nd! Our song and the music video is finally done!
Right now, it is only available at cdbaby but it will be in iTunes soon (I read it takes 2 days to 2 weeks.)
Three years ago, I had no idea how to play guitar. Everyday, I played Rocksmith and so many people supported me with tips and comments. I am here now with a new song and so HAPPY!!!
I hope to play and make lots of songs with Kate!!!!!!


今はcdbabyのみですが、iTunes music store でもゲットできるようになると思います(2日から2週間の間にでるとかいうことです。)


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

アーティスト奈良 美智さんからコメントを頂き本当にうれしかったです。(ロックスミス•オードリー)

今月はHail The Sunに加えて、とても嬉しいことがありました。

フェイスブックで、アーティストの奈良 美智さんから「いいね!」が入って、ツイート、コメントも頂きました。


(This month was crazy cool! Starting with Hail the Sun, I also had a great surprise! A great artist, Yoshitomo Nara liked and commented on facebook!!

I was so happy. Afterwards, I looked at his work on the net. So cool and CUTE! I love his work.
It's almost my birthday, so I might get his books!!




Tuesday, November 25, 2014

ROCKSMITH Audrey and Kate - Great week for us! Hail The Sun Mentioned us!

We are so happy! We got mentioned by Hail The Sun on their official Facebook page!
Their song on Rocksmith is very hard for me still but I love playing it on both guitar and bass!

I hope I can get better!!!

Thanks so much Hail The Sun!!

Saturday, November 1, 2014




Wednesday, October 1, 2014

ロックスミスでB'z ギリギリchop 93% ゴールドピック!! Got a Gold Pick on Giri Giri Chop - B'z on Rocksmith!!

I finally got a Gold Pick on Giri Giri Chop B'z!! When I first tried this song, I had no clue to how you can pass the solo section without getting Xs.

All I did was to play lots of songs in Rocksmith everyday.  And this time, I tried this song and I got a Gold Pick.
I suppose I was lucky ;-D
All I can say is that it is so FUN and I hope to keep playing/learning many many songs!!!!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thank you so much UBISOFT and EPIPHONE! UbisoftさんEpiphoneさん本当にありがとうございました!

I had the most amazing day. I came home and a HUGE box was waiting for me!!
I just couldn't believe my eyes and didn't know what to do with myself. 
I got a super NICE guitar from Epiphone and so MUCH stuff from Ubisoft SF.

Here are the things I got!!!!!!!!  Thank you so much once again, Ubisoft and Epiphone!!!!!!!!

-24 fret Epiphone guitar (Prophecy Les Paul Custom Plus EX) from Epiphone  
-Orange Micro Terror amp head
-Orange PPC108 cabinet
-Marshall Headphones FX
-Packs of ERNIE Ball Strings
-Epiphone T-shirt
-Rocksmith Developement Team Shirt
-SIGNED Development Team Shirt
-Rocksmith Stickers
-Rocksmith guitar picks


Epiphoneさんからすごいギターを頂き、Ubisoft さんからも沢山いろいろなものを頂きました。


-24フレットの Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul Custom Plus EX
-ERNIE Ballの弦5個
-Rocksmith Development Teamのシャツ
-サイン入りRocksmith Development Teamのシャツ

Saturday, September 6, 2014

夏休み終わって、新学期!Summer vacation is over! -- BACHSMITH DLC was so FUN!!

School started! I get homework everyday, so it is a bit busy but I have been keeping up with my guitar and bass (for now.)
In August, I played lots of songs but I loved Bachsmith DLC with all the classical music.
I first got 100% on Bach- Little Fugue in G Minor in Learn A Song mode. It was my very first try, so it made me really really happy!

But there was something even better!!! VS Them vocalist and the person who arranged Rondo Alla Turca, Matt Montgomery wrote a comment on my video! That made me SUPER HAPPY!! I couldn't believe it!

I hope to keep playing!!!

ROCKSMITHのDLCBachsmithの曲を全部弾いてみて、バッハのLittle Fugue in G minorは練習モード一回目で100%取れて、とっても嬉しかったです。
ただもっと嬉しかったのがモーツアルトの、RONDO ALLA TURCAを演奏したら、VS THEMのボーカルで、曲をアレンジしたマットさんから直接メッセージが入ったことです。

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Long time! すごく久しぶりです。

Hi, it has been a while since my War Ensemble Slayer video went viral.
I still can't believe that it has been played over 1.3million times.
I received so many comments and I think my video was written in many blogs and articles. I hope to introduce some of them in a video sometime.
After my vide went viral, I started recording 3~4 songs everyday. It has been pretty busy but fun!
In a week or so, summer vacation will end ;-L
Once school starts, I will have less time but I will  play everyday as usual.

I can't put all the songs I did so far but here are some that I love!
Thanks so much once again for all the support and comments!!!

SlayerのWar EnsembleのビデオがViralになってから大分たってしまいました。

Thanks so much once again for all the support and comments!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

ROCKSMITH Audrey Plays Guitar - War Ensemble - Slayer - 97% ...

I woke up and my email was filled with youtube notices subscribes, comments, subscribes, comments.

It is continuing which I find really surprising!!

I am so happy! I had so much fun with Kate in this video!!

Thanks so much!!!!!!!





Thanks so much!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Almost summer vacation! もうすぐ夏休み。楽しみ!!



This week, school ends and it will be SUMMER VACATION!! I hope there won't be too much homework.
I've been playing Rocksmith and during vacation, I hope to play even more!
I hope that someday I can be number one in bass and guitar weekly challenge.

This week, I was first in bass and third in guitar.
I really wanted to get over 97% on guitar but failed.
I hope to practice and get it someday.

Here are some of the songs I played recently......

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

一年間,毎日ロックスミスをやってみて。。。Playing Rocksmith everyday 365 days and counting...

I've been playing Rocksmith as usual! It has been really fun but with school and all the stuff going on, it has been a little tough.But not tough enough to stop playing everyday.

The other day, I finally reached 365 days of Rocksmith a few days ago.
I played every single day for the whole year and it feels really great!!!!
I would like to think I got better ;-D

We eat and sleep everyday, so why not play everyday????

Will keep going!!!!


We eat and sleep everyday, so why not play everyday????


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Rocksmith Player Spotlight!!!! YAY!!!! Rocksmith Player Spotlightに載った〜。

It was a special day for me.
I was chosen as Rocksmith Player Spotlight on Rocksmith official facebook page!

ロックスミス公式facebookページにRocksmith Player Spotlightとして写真が載りました。

Also, on Twitter, Rocksmith sent me some great comments and it made me even happier. 
Thanks so much!!!


I hope to play lots of songs!!!!!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Rocksmith2014 EVERYDAY 毎日ロックスミス2014 今回も一杯チャレンジしました。


It has been a while since last update. School started and I have been a little busy. Anyway, I have been playing Rocksmith everyday!!
Next month, I will hit a whole year playing Rocksmith EVERYDAY. I haven't missed a day without Rocksmith, so I am a bit happy!
I am still struggling with bends and picking up and down but every week new DLC is comes out and there're so many songs I still want to play well, so Rocksmith has been a super fun hobby for me.
I hope to continue playing lots of songs!
Last week, I couldn't participate in the weekly challenges. I didn't have the DLC songs.
Since I switched to Mac/PC version of Rocksmith, I bought some DLCs but now I am out of funds.
I hope someday, I can get all of them...

I played lots of songs since last update! EVERYDAY!!! Here are some...

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Audrey's ROCKSMITH2014- It has been a while. すごく久しぶりの更新です。 LOTS of IRON MAIDEN



It has been a while. I had a nice spring break and school started already.
I have been playing ROCKSMITH guitar and bass everyday ;-D
Lately, I finished trying all the Iron Maiden songs from their DLC. It was super fun and challenging.
Also, Rocksmith Weekly Challenge has been great too. I got 1st two weeks in a row and 2nd on bass two weeks in a row. I really wanted to get 1st on both, so I was a little sad.

Also, I finally got my copy of ROCKSMITH2014 registered to UPLAY. Now, I can see the world ranking on score attack which should be FUN!!!

This week's challenge song is ultra soul by B'z (my pick.) I hope to do well ;-D

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

春休みが楽しみ。Looking forward to spring break. -- ROCKSMITH

あと、La Seraさんご本人からRetweetもあったみたいでとってもよかったです。



I played lots of song this week.
I was so happy to be able to play the newest DLCs right away.
I really like Halestorm.  I want to get my % up.
Also, I was mentioned by La Sera. So, I was really really happy!
I didn't do too well in the weekly challenge songs this time. I played other songs too much.
Will try harder next time ;-D

Can't wait till spring break! I want to play lots!

DLC guitar


 Challenge songs

La Sera - Love That's Gone

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

毎日ロックスミス Rocksmith Everyday

I've been playing Rocksmith everyday for a while now. It has been fun and rewarding.
I didn't just learn to play guitar and bass but also have been competing too.
It's been a lot of fun!
This week, I got 1st in bass with Iron MaidenのThe Trooper ;-D It was super fun!
I also played lots of songs this week ;-D

今週はアイアンメイデンのThe Trooperで一番になれました。ギターも楽しいけど、ベースでは100%取れました。

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

ROCKSMITH Guitar & Bass February was a FUN month!! 2月も楽しかったです。

February was a great month!
I got ROCKSMITH 2014 (pc/mac) from UBISOFT SF! It made me so happy.
Rocksmith Championship ended. I was able to proceed two steps and ended up 5th. If there is another tournament again, I want to go further.
Above all, the highlight was getting FIRST on GUITAR in Division 1 in ROCKSMITH weekly Challenge. It was my first time!
I started with Division 3, slowly made it to Divison 1. This time, I had 100% accuracy and the highest score too. It was a happy day!!!
I hope to play and learn lots in March too!

一番嬉しかったのは、ほぼ毎週参加してるROCKSMITH Challengeでは、初めてDivision 1のギターで一番になれたことです。

Monday, February 24, 2014

ROCKSMITH2014- This week's challenge. Was 4th on both! 今週のチャレンジ曲ーどっちも4位

This week's challenge song was Knights Of Cyndonia by MUSE.
The middle part is quite hard but I finally was able to get most of them right.
I also used Mac/PC version for the first time to record. It was SUPER FUN!!!

今週のチャレンジ曲はミューズのKnights of Cyndoniaでした。ソロの部分が難しかったですが、なんとか大体弾けるようになりました。

For bass, it was Walk This Way by Aerosmith.
I played it a while back. I thought I would be able to get 100% but it was too hard for me.
Maybe next time ;-D

ベースではエアロスミスのWALK THIS WAYでした。

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Played lots of songs this week too! 今週も一杯弾きました。

I played a lot of songs this week too.
Lately, I have received few song requests as well which makes me really happy.
I still have lots to learn but it has been really fun!!! I hope to get better. Thanks!!!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

ギターチャレンジで一番になれました! Finally got #1 on Rocksmith Guitar Weekly Challenge!!

I finally got NUMBER 1 in ROCKSMITH WEEKLY CHALLENGE with guitar!!!  IT was my very first time and I was SUPER happy!!
The challenge song was Every Breath You Take by The Police!! I was able to get a 100% on this song after a few tries. I think it wasn't as difficult for me as there weren't so many bends.
Anyway, thanks so much!!!

チャレンジ曲はEvery Breath You Take (The Police)でした。何回か演奏して100%が取れました。ベンドとかがなかったので、他の曲よりも少し簡単でした。

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Rocksmith Championship Result - ロックスミスチャンピオンシップ 結果

ロックスミスチャンピオンシップ。今回はRATTのRound and Roundという曲でした。

This time, it was Round and Round by Ratt. I felt really glad because it seemed like I didn't have to do tapping. Anyway, on Wednesday, I felt really sick all of the sudden with a fever and found out that I caught the flu. I couldn't work on the song until Saturday. On Sunday, I tried my best but it wasn't enough... I lost. Oh, well. maybe next time.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014



ロックスミスチャンピオンシップ2回戦はWar Ensemble - Slayer の曲でした。はじめてプレイしたときは、%も75%くらいでしたが、Riff Repeaterを毎日やってなんとか97%まで行きました。今回は、タッピングも初めてで、わからなかったので、スライドして他の部分で間違えないようにしました。


The second round on Rocksmith Championship was War Ensemble by Slayer. When I first played, I got somewhere around 75%... Felt impossible but I practiced with riff repeater everyday. I ended up with 97%. I had no idea how to do tapping, so I did the Ninja slide and took extra care not to mess up on other parts.

As a result,

I barely passed. I am now in quarter finals, TOP 8!
I can't believe it but I am really really happy!!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

ROCKSMITH CHAMPIONSHIP Starts! ロックスミスチャンピオンシップ

ROCKSMITH Championship started! I made the qualifier round okay with the song Wires by Red Fang.

ロックスミスチャンピオンシップが始まりました。Red FangのWiresを弾いてなんとかトップ32に入れました。


1st round was The Trooper by Iron Maiden. It has super hard solos and difficult bends and slides. I couldn't clear score attack for the longest time but I practiced. Finally, I was able to clear and ended up with 97%.
It was enough to go to the next round. It is going to be tough....

第一回戦はアイアンメイデンのThe Trooperでした。ソロがとっても難しくスコアアタックでクリアずっと出来ませんでしたが、練習してなんとかクリアできるようになり、97%まで上げる事ができて、なんとか一回戦突破です。

Second round is War Ensemble by Slayer. I tried the bass arrangement for fun. Super fast song and hard to keep up. Sounded like there're lots of solo parts so I am a little scared.
But I will try my hardest! I hope to go on to the next round...

2回戦は、Slayer の War Ensembleです。ベースを試しにしましたが、スピードが早く、ちょっと難しかったです。ギターもすごいソロがあるみたいだし、ちょっと怖い。。。

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rocksmith Challenge Week 10.. 1st on bass ;-D また一番とれた。

今週のチャレンジ曲、ベースはB'zの松本さんのGo Furtherでした。

This week's challenge song was Go Further by Tak Matsumoto.
Last week, I got 1st, so I choose this song.
I had 97% from a while back and wanted to challenge myself.
The best was 99.62%. I almost had it. It was really close....
It was enough for me to get number one again, so I am happy!

ギターのチャレンジ曲はYou Really Got Me The KINKSでした。とっても楽しい曲でしたが、バーコードばかりでちょっと難しかったです。96%まではなんとか行きましたが、中々難しかったです。

The guitar challenge was You Really Got Me by The Kinks! I love the song but the barre chords were so difficult for me! I got up to 96.6%. It was quite hard.