Monday, October 21, 2013


レッドブルのサイトでロックスミス2014についての紹介で、Ubi SoftのPaul Crossさんが私の事を話してくれたということなので、開けてみたら。

It’s tablature 2.0, in other words, and it’s already working. Cross loves to cite @Audrey123Talks, a Twitter user and self-taught guitar player and arguably the world’s biggest Rocksmith fan - just look at her clear 100 percent on a Black Keys track and try not to be impressed.
“She’s a Japanese nine year old girl who's unbelievable and so cool. She plays all kinds of songs, Foo Fighters and what not, and uploads all sorts of videos! She's not paid by us, hah, but I'm sure we'll send her a copy of the new game. The funny thing with the first game is that there's people saying 'We can't learn guitar from this'. Well, watch the little girl play it! She's mastering songs.”

なんか、Rocksmith 2014を無料で送るっても書いてあり、ちょっと期待しちゃいそうです〜。

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