Monday, August 19, 2013


Weekly ChallengeではDivision1で参加できるようになったし、何度か一番にもなれたので、嬉しいし、弾くのが楽しいです。

It has been a year since I started playing bass!
Luckily, I am in Division 1 in Weekly Challenges and I have gotten first few times!
It has been so much fun playing Rocksmith!
I hope this time next year, I will be better!!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

ロックスミス-Audrey Plays Bass - Unnatural Selection - MUSE (120k) (ROCKSMITH)

MUSE(Unnatrual Selection)のベース演奏です。ベースも始めてからもう少しで1年経ちます。


This time, it is Muse (Unnatural Selection) on bass.  My first year of playing bass is almost over.
My teacher is ROCKSMITH, so I don't know much about all the techniques but it has been so  FUN!

I'm going to try to improve my score and accuracy ;-D

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

ROCKSMITH - Float On - Modest Mouse and What's Going On - Marvin Gaye

今週のギターチャレンジはModest MouseのFLOAT Onでした。99%で中々100%取れませんでしたが、やっと100%取れました。嬉しかったです。

ベースのチャレンジはMarvin GayeのWhat's Going On.  このベースも何回もチャレンジして、なんとか100%行きました。ギターとベースどちらも100%いったのは今回が初めてでした。

This week's weekly guitar challenge was Float On - Modest Mouse.  I got 99% but 100% was quite hard.  When I finally got 100%, I was super happy ;-D
I played COMBO and SINGLE arrangement.

Bass challenge was What's going on by Marvin Gaye.  I tried this song over and over until I got 100%.  It was my first time to get 100% on both instruments, so I was super happy!!!!