Friday, June 28, 2013

ロックスミス- Audrey Plays Bass- Here Comes Your Man - Pixies 109K 100% (ROCKS...

今週のベースのチャレンジの曲(Here Comes Your Man - Pixies)です。ちょっと前に弾いた時99%だったので、100%に少し自信がありました。
今週のギターはYYZ - RUSHです。これが難しいので毎日練習中です。


This week's bass challenge is Here Comes Your Man by Pixies.  I played this great song few weeks ago and got a 99%, so I was a little confident that I will be able to get 100% ;-D
This week's guitar challenge is YYZ by Rush.  Rush songs are always so challenging but FUN.  My goal is to get over 90%.  I hope I can get it!!

Oh, and I got a negative feedback immediately after uploading like always...  No need to rush that fast whoever he/she might be.  

But soon after I got 2 positive ratings ;-D  Thanks so much!!!!

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