Wednesday, April 17, 2013

久しぶりの更新 ROCKSMITH and my progress

4月から4年生になりました。毎日ギターとベースは練習しています。結構楽しいです。 今週も色々と演奏しました。 My new school year started in April. Now, I am 4th grade. I have been practicing everyday like always! It has been quite fun!! Here are some of my vidoes!

 My parents writing about me. How Rocksmith has influenced my life:

Having my daughter play Rocksmith has been a great experience. I was initially sold on the idea of Rocksmith's technical aspect, the fact that the difficulty changes in real time and that it might give a life-long treasure: To be able to not just listen but play an instrument and enjoy music. Rocksmith has been amazing. Audrey has learned to play the guitar and the bass quite well with Rocksmith. She has not taken any lessons, instead she plays Rocksmith everyday. As a result, she now competes in the Rocksmith Weekly Challenges with great results and most importantly, it has given her something she can be confident about and be proud of. It was hard for Audrey at first, because she had never played before. This happens with most activities, sports and music, in the beginning things are hard and there is usually that bump in the road you have to get passed. After clearing that it has been non-stop. Audrey starts her mornings playing guitar and I really think it makes a difference in how well she is doing in school too. I watch her face other challenges and I know her experience of trying and succeeding with Rocksmith has given her confidence. I can't imagine what kind of music games there will be when she is older but I really want her, one day, to remember how she started and learned through Rocksmith and all the encouraging comments from people all over the world! Thank you Rocksmith and everyone who has given her positive comments. It has been a great gift for her as well as for our family.

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