Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Audrey Plays Bass -The Good Left Undone - Rise Against 113K - Dislikes on YOUTUBE

I love this song!!  The bass is a bit more easier than the guitar.
Lately, I have been getting lots of DLCs and it has been great.

I haven't gotten dislike on this video yet.  But all the ones I have put up lately, I get 1 dislike almost immediately after uploading.  So, I looked into analytics and most of my dislikes are from HUNGARY.  Somebody from there must not enjoy my videos.
I looked up my sister's YOUTUBE Channel (k8choice) as well and almost all dislikes were from HUNGARY as well.  Interesting....


最近YoutubeでDislikeが多く、アップしたとたんDISLIKEが入ってたりするのでAnalyticsで見てました。すると、ほとんどハンガリーからの低評価でした。妹 (k8choice) のアカウントもチェックしてみたら、こっちもハンガリーからの低評価が多い〜。

My dislikes from YOUTUBE (0likes/7dislikes)

My sister's dislikes from YOUTUBE (1likes/16dislikes)

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